Aspen Tree Studies

I am still working on tree studies and really having a good time. Using a variety of paint techniques to create texture and trying to recreate what a tree looks like from a distance and up close.

This is a painted representation of the bark of the aspen tree up close. Lots of layers here.

Here’s a gelli plate print that happened to turn into an aspen grove. Just added a few more trunks. Every printed piece of paper I look at, I see trees 🙂

And this last one is of the upper branches of the aspen tree. It was supposed to be looking up into the branches but the viewpoint isn’t exactly as planned. I think I got the angles of the branches wrong. But I still like it. Next up I am beginning on rock studies.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Aspen Tree Studies

    • Thanks Lyn, when I put the painted bark photo up and looked at it on the screen, for a second I thought I used the wrong photo and put the real bark up. Fooled myself 🙂 I think the upper branches look best from a distance but I was trying to use a looser way of painting and not so detailed so perhaps that’s why.

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