Last of the Circles

I have finished all the circles I am going to get completed before returning to class. The notebook is full!

This one is circles within circles and uses several Celtic design that I found online.

This one reminds me of candy. I used some new Stabilo 3 in 1 pencils that I got to see how they worked. They are like a cross between a crayon and a pencil and you can wet them down to get a watercolor effect.

This one reminds me of bubbles. I used a white pen over a colored piece of paper.

This is a card I made today for my friend’s birthday. I had already created the eco print and then used permanent pens and water color to create a bit more depth. I just cut it down and attached it to a card today.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

6 thoughts on “Last of the Circles

  1. Congrats on filling the notebook! There is something very fascinating about the first one. I’m not sure what but I like the movement and balance. The one you call bubbles reminds me of water drops on a glass surface. I’m sure your friend will appreciate the lovely handmade card.

  2. It’s hard to stop looking at the first one – your eye is drawn round and round and round…

    Love the bubbles – would look great in felt – some white very cobwebby felt on top of those lovely colours you’ve used.

    The card is beautiful.

  3. Hey Ruth,

    Thanks for this wonderful, inspiring blog! I am writing this to you at the lunch table across from you at our Gail Harker class.
    Keep calm and carry on……
    JP MacConnell

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