Repeating Patterns in a Circle

I had a few questions last week about how the repeating patterns in the circles work.

Here are a few of the patterns that I used.

Can you pick out which pattern goes with which design?

Here’s a couple I did this week. Thirds and fourths of a circle instead of sixths. Hope you have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Repeating Patterns in a Circle

  1. What fun! This reminds me of cutting snowflakes from paper as a child but with far more stylish results. Have you considered translating any of them into textiles?

    • Thanks Teri, it is actually fun figuring out what the pattern will look like. I’m sure at some point, some will be translated into textiles. They would make nice appliques.

  2. Great way to think about patterns – thank you for sharing. Although some of the sixths are really thirds because you have to flip the pattern – or doesn’t that count? šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Kim, yes, technically they would be thirds but as you know I created them from a sixth and did mirror images to make them more appealing. It doesn’t really matter, I’m just supposed to be doing repeating designs in circles in a number of different repetitions.

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