Second Session of Level 3 Art and Design

I attended the second session of Level 3 Art and Design at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center.  It was a great 5 days and I have lots of homework and further investigations into design to work on. On the first day, we have tutorials where Gail goes over our past homework with us. While she’s doing that, we all worked on a variety of paper weavings.

This is the first one I created. For all of you who always ask what I’m going to do with screen printed paper, all the paper used in this piece were screen printed.

This second piece has hand painted papers, marbled paper and “leather” paper that I made in a class years ago. I’m calling it “Think Like a Tree”.

And here’s the last one I finished in class. I am going to try a few more of these with other techniques that we learned plus I will be showing you lots of new homework over the next few months. So stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Second Session of Level 3 Art and Design

  1. Ruth – Your first piece is gorgeous and would look very pretty in a frame!
    It looks as if it was a fun course to do.

    They can Marilyn – I’ve successfully woven firm pre-felt pieces together then fulled into one piece, and I think Zed has too.

  2. I particularly like the last one with the strips crossing at different angles. Are the strips glued in place or just held by the other strips? Could be interesting to add some stitch too.

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