Since I recently painted at the store, I had left over paint that needed to be used. So I have been painting at home. I painted the guest bathroom and bedroom. The paint color is called silver marlin and is a soft grey. Then once, I repainted, I needed to change the colors that were in the bedroom. Still working on getting all the pieces together. But yesterday I recovered the cornice boards over the windows.

Here they are recovered. The fabric is a tweedy grey and tan.

In this photo you can see the old fabric that is still on the headboard in the right hand lower corner of the photo. The doors all need to be repainted in the house too. I am going to get those repainted this summer. The original paint in the house was really cheap and I asked for the trim and the doors to be painted white. I should have specified semi gloss white because the builder just painted everything in the house the same color of “wheat” that I had chosen for the walls. So we’re gradually repainting the entire house. In case you’re wondering, the house was built in 2002 so it has taken a while.

And this shows you the fabric a bit better. Next, I need to find a bedspread in grey, tan and brown with a bit more pattern in it. Then if we can find a couple of night stands, I will paint the headboard to match the night stands and the room will be complete.

And I painted one more set of papers for my Level 3 Art and Design class. These are the tints and shades of diarylide yellow. I had done yellow oxide but it really isn’t a true yellow orange so I wanted to have painted papers in a true yellow orange.


8 thoughts on “Painting

  1. I like that fabric πŸ™‚ I’ve not seen those cornice boards before. Our house was built in 95, I’ve painted it once πŸ™‚

  2. It’s looking good Ruth – the leftover paint was the spur you needed perhaps. My place needs painting too – every year I say ‘we’ll do it next year’!

  3. Fortunately, our house was painted about five years ago. I would have thought after all the work you did at the store you’d take a break. I like the covered cornice. It softens the room. I hope you have luck finding the right bedspread colors and pattern. That can be tricky. I’ve usually picked the bedspread then painted.

  4. Our house was built in 1894 and I don’t know how many times it’s been painted. πŸ˜‰ Just don’t get the paint for your papers and the paint for your walls mixed up!

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