Completed Water Lily

I finished the colored pencil drawing of the water lily. This is a scanned in version and the colors are a bit off but you get the idea.


I really like the end result and I finally found a way to use colored pencils where the outcome was good. It takes a long time but the blending of the colors is the definite key. We went to Louise’s house again to make more leaves for our ski chair. We have a lot more to do and now I have 7 more leaves to stitch with a felt covering. Hopefully, the needle breakage will be less than the last set. Have a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Completed Water Lily

  1. I feel as if I could reach out and touch the lily and feel it’s softness! The leaves are wonderful and the reflection is spot-on. Definitely a framing piece!

    • Thanks Kim, it was a 3 week project. Not that I worked on it all the time but it take some effort to get these results from colored pencils. Glad I learned the blending technique.

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