Playing in the Sketchbook

I have been playing around with some previously screen printed sketchbook pages. The first couple I added watercolor backgrounds.

This screen was one that Louise made up for deconstructed screen printing. She used a hairy yarn and it gave an interesting result.


This one I added some patterns with colored pencils. I haven’t used colored pencils all that much and I’m usually not happy with the result.


I figured out that the problem was I just needed to add at least two layers of colored pencil over white. The page on the right has only one layer but the page on the left had a different blue colored over the same blue used on the right. I like that result much better. It completely covers the white of the sketch page.

So that’s how I did these last three page spreads. So I have been playing with coloring books this week!


Thought you all might like this old photo from Christmas past. I’m the one with her hand always in her mouth. I think I’m about three and half in this photo. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


8 thoughts on “Playing in the Sketchbook

  1. Colouring is very popular here – you can buy colouring books especially made for adults – and I don’t think anyone ever grows out of wanting to do it.
    Lovely old photo!
    Well it’s Christmas Eve so I’d better shut the lid on the laptop and get into the kitchen. I hope you have a good Christmas on your side of the pond.

  2. Great tip for using a second “coat” with the colouring pencils, I agree they can look a bit insipid too, especially next to the lovely strong colours from the screen prints. Do you plan to use these pages in a project or will they remain in your sketchbook?

    • Thanks Teri! I am layering 3-4 colors now on some of them and that looks even better. I have no plans for these at the moment so they will probably stay in the sketchbook for now.

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