The Results from More Landscape Painting

I hope you aren’t tired of seeing these little landscapes I have been painting. They make great greeting cards so I have made a bunch to sell at the shop. If you haven’t seen these before, I learned the technique from Jude Atkin over on Start2. These are the paintings that I showed you last week with the plastic wrap still stuck to them. I added some details and then fused them to cards.


They always look better than I expect them to since sometimes when you pull the plastic wrap off, they don’t look all that good. I usually use a colored pencil to “fix” the mountain tops and then add in some watercolor paint to add some depth. Zed thought it might be a good idea to show everyone how to add the details as she didn’t think her “artistic capabilities” were up to it. So I think I will do a short tutorial on that and post it over on The Felting and Fiber Studio soon. Hope you have a good weekend!

10 thoughts on “The Results from More Landscape Painting

  1. These are fantastic Ruth! I’m going to buy a sketchbook tomorrow and get practising ready for your tutorial! 🙂

    • Thanks Zed! Just make a bunch of the landscapes without thinking too much about it. I always tend to overthink things and the ones I hurry through end up looking better than the ones I plan.

  2. They’re all beautiful Ruth, Zed is so right, it’s the details you add once they are dry that makes them look like real landscapes rather than abstract splotches. Looking forward to reading your tutorial!

  3. They are all lovely! I especially love the one with the crashing waves. I look forward to reading the tutorial and trying it out.

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