Presents for my Sister

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful 2016 with lots of fiber and felting goodness. I started the new year off right by nuno felting a scarf for my sister in Virginia. I will show you that one later as I couldn’t get any photos as it got dark very quickly today. I thought you might like to see the presents I made for my other sister in Kentucky.

Margaret's Bead Bowl

This first one is a felted beading bowl. I got the idea from Teri over at Teri Berry Creations. She calls them Sewer’s Friends. It was simple to make. This one had a triangular-shaped resist around the edge. Once it was felted and the resist was removed, I stuffed wool into the outside edge. You can put your beads or buttons in the center and your needles around the edge. This photo shows it at her house ready to be used. My sister makes beautiful beaded bracelets that I sell at the store.

Screen Printed Felt Notebook Cover

And this is the notebook/sketchbook cover that I made for her. All the felt is screen printed and then stitched together to form the notebook cover.

Inside Cover with Shibori Dyed Fabric

I used a piece of shibori dyed fabric for the inside.

Back of Screen Printed Felt Notebook Cover

And here’s the back of the notebook cover. If you are interested in learning how to screen print on felt, I have an online course starting January 22nd. It is 4 weeks of instruction with PDF’s and videos and loads of information about screen printing. Even if you don’t want to screen print felt, it also shows you how to screen print silk. So if you’re a nuno felter or use silk in your work, screen printing is a wonderful surface design technique to make patterns of your own design to use in your work. For more information about the class, go on over to The Felting and Fiber Studio Class page.

Thanks for stopping by and again, Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Presents for my Sister

  1. Happy 2016 Ruth!
    Your sewer’s friend is just the job to help your sister make her beautiful bracelets – I really like her designs. Beads are slippery devils so felt is the ideal keeper for them.
    By stitching together pieces of material, you’ve achieved a very interesting and pretty cover.

    • Thanks Lyn – Happy 2016 to you as well. My sister said she likes the bowl and likes that is is so light and portable so she can take it anywhere. The felt pieces were all small samples so I had to stitch them together to make them big enough. But I like the result.

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