Couching Completed?

I think it’s finished. I added in some reddish brown yarn as well as the green.

Completed Couching

I will hang it up on the wall and leave it for a while to see if I think it needs anything more.

Completed Couching Close Up

Here’s a closer look at the stitching.

Light Behind Completed Couching

And this is what it looks like with light behind it. Because of the sheer silk it almost glows when it is back lit. Ignore the rest of this post is you don’t care anything about college football 🙂

Football season has started here and we go to see all the University of Montana home football games. We beat the #1 ranked team yesterday (we were ranked #13). We have a new coach and it looks like instead of a “building year” we might be having a really good season! Go Griz! #Stitt Happens!

12 thoughts on “Couching Completed?

  1. It’s lovely and as it looks special with the light behind it, maybe it could hang in a window (acting a bit like stained glass).

  2. Beautiful Ruth! It reminds me of looking out a plane window and seeing all the lovely topography from a distance only its more vibrant and colorful.

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