Goodies and Sketchbook Designs

I recently posted about Karen Straight from Big Sky Fiber Arts over on the Felting and Fiber Studio site. We do “Meet the Supplier” posts as we find suppliers that have great stuff for fiber artists and felt makers. Karen just happens to live in the same area as I do and she brought me a lovely surprise.

Gift from Big Sky Fiber Arts

And I was surprised. I had not expected any kind of gift at all. So it was great fun to open it up and see what goodies Karen had given me.

Thank you so much Karen – I can’t wait to try out the wool and ramie. Now to just find a little bit of time to play.

Black & White Design in Sketchbook

I have been doing a little bit of work in my sketchbook. These are black and white designs based on sketches or photos.

Black & White Design in Sketchbook

It is fun to crop an image in different ways – you see different ideas for design this way. What have you been working on?

15 thoughts on “Goodies and Sketchbook Designs

  1. Wow! Lucky you 🙂 How nice of Karen! Those blends are gorgeous.
    I’ve been rearranging my supplies so they’re easier to get at, I forgot about some shoe boxes of blended merino under my table, so that was a nice surprise!

  2. Very generous of Karen! I do like the contrast of your black and white designs, which reminds me a bit of how much I loved the B&W Photography I used to do.
    Lately I have been cutting out stenciled appliqué to “refreshen” and repurpose some of my old clothing. The quality is there, unlike so much of what you find in the shops today.

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