I worked a bit more on my mixed media paintings and I stitched my Monet inspired felt to a canvas. I am never quite sure on the paintings whether they are complete but I’ve decided that two are finished. The last one is still in progress.

Turquoise and Brown Mixed Media

This one I added a bit of gel pen to highlight the blue and a few of the textured square bits.

Red Mixed Media Painting

This one got more orange and yellow added before adding highlights in gel pen.

Iris Mixed Media in Progress

And this is the one still in progress. I didn’t let the red-orange paint dry enough before I tried to knock it back with a little walnut ink. So the result is a bit messy. I am going to add more green in on top of the reds and see if I can get it to where I want it to be. But have to let it dry first!

Monet Inspired Felt on Canvas

And I finally got my Monet inspired felt on to canvas. I think it turned out nicely and this is actually the best photo I have gotten of the piece yet. It shows more of the details. Hope you have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

9 thoughts on “Finished?

  1. The Monet felt looks grand on its backing – the colour you’ve chosen sets the piece off perfectly.
    (It is a really good photo, I agree, it’s as if I’m looking at the actual felt.)

  2. The first two works are very appealing to me, and i think perhaps its the color combinations that attract. Thanks for sharing your mixed media work.

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