Mixed Media Paintings

I seemed to have missed a post last week. I had company, it snowed two feet and somehow I forgot all about posting. But hopefully, I will get back on to a regular schedule soon. Today we had our surface design meeting and we worked on mixed media paintings.

The photos above are the examples that Louise made for us. She used a variety of techniques and layers of paint, fabric, glue, acrylic mediums and gold leaf.

She had the table all set up for us with three canvases to work on. It was easiest to work on multiple canvases so that there was drying time for some of the processes.

Here are some of Carole’s pieces. None of us finished but we just kept adding layers and textures with a variety of tools.

Here are Bunny’s pieces in various stages of development.

These are Sally’s canvases. She also used her extra paint on paper. The only one that might be finished is the far right one in the middle row.

These are my canvases in various stages of development. I have a bit left to do on all three of them. The last photo on the left is the closest to being finished. One of the hardest things I have to work out with these is when to stop. Sometimes I go too far with that one extra layer.

I also used my extra paint on paper. I didn’t take photos of everything so I’ll have to show those later. Hope you all are having a good start to 2015. We’re doing a color challenge over at the Felting and Fiber Studio so please stop by and join in the fun. I will be posting about making a color wheel on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Mixed Media Paintings

  1. Our small fiber arts group of 5 people did a one year study on layers. We met each month with a different technique that was really amazing. We even tried printing on organza. So much fun. The local college asked us to come and do a presentation to the high school art teachers in our area. We showed them all the techniques that we had studied in Mixed Media.

  2. I do admire all your experiments in different media. Your gold layer in your “nearly finished” photo lifts it beautifully – like that felt you made with gold leaf.

  3. Lovely pieces Ruth, were you all working on multiple pieces so that each layer could dry while you were working on the next canvas? I must take a lot of discipline to make sure your finish all of them and not just your favourite! 🙂 It would be a dangerous tactic for me…. my UFO box is already overflowing!

    • Yes, it does take a bit of discipline but it allows time for drying without having to wait. I am at the point now where I am adding finishing touches and I’m always afraid to add more in fear of “spoiling it”. And yes, I don’t need any more UFO’s either.

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