Christmas on Halloween?

I made a couple of stencils today based on poinsettias. I made two different sizes of the same design.

Hand cut stencil by Ruth Lane

This is the larger size and you can see I still have the cut out pieces too. If you’re careful, you can use these for a negative/positive image. With this type of plastic though it is hard to hold them in place. Perhaps I’ll try a bit of spray adhesive but I don’t really like that stuff because it gets all over the place.

Hand cut stencil by Ruth Lane

Here’s the small design before I cut it out.

Hand cut stencil by Ruth Lane

And the smaller one cut out. I put a bit of duct tape on the edges because there wasn’t a big enough border and I didn’t want to get paint over the edge.

Hand cut stencils by Ruth Lane

I used one of my silk screened pages and stenciled a few poinsettias on the page. I used a portion of the stencil with green to make the leaves. I think this will make a nice Christmas card. I can scan it in, add some text and I’ll have a nice digital card.

Hand cut stencil by Ruth Lane

Here’s a closer view of the bigger flower.

Silk screen by Ruth Lane

And I added a little yellow ink to this screen printed page. It looks a little more gruesome and fitting for Halloween perhaps than the poinsettias. Happy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Christmas on Halloween?

  1. Very cool Ruth! What did you use to cut the stencil and what kind of paint did you use? It will make a nice digital card.

  2. The Poinsettia’s are definitely more Christmas thank Halloween… and they are lovely. If it helps, I started making Xmas cards this week too, there’s something a bit depressing about planning for Xmas when we haven’t even reached November isn’t there? It’s almost like I am wishing my life away but needs must…

    • Thanks Teri! I really don’t like thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but with a retail business that doesn’t work all that well. But I do not put up Christmas decorations in mid September like some places. 🙂

  3. It feels as if we only just had Christmas a few months ago! However, in business, planning and working does have to be done well in advance.

    Poinsettias are THE Christmas plant so cards with your lovely design are a good idea!

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