Final Mixed Media Painting

I finally finished the last mixed media painting. I changed course a bit in the middle as I was planning on adding orange lichen to this piece. But I just couldn’t get it to look like I wanted. I had a few left over leaves from Ice Flowers and liked how they looked.


And I liked how they looked. So I made more as well as machine stitched cord and then glued it all down.


I really like how it brings out the look of bark.


I glued the “bark” down to a painted wooden canvas.


And the leaves are all three-dimensional. I think it would look a bit better if the leaves had more variety of green. But it works. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Final Mixed Media Painting

  1. Wow! The bark is so real looking. What media did you use to get that effect? Yes, the leaf color could be varied, but you could tweak forever. I think it’s terrific.

    • Thanks Marilyn – It’s plaster on burlap and then painted with a variety of acrylic paints. Then the “bark” is coated with a couple coats of Dorland’s wax medium.

  2. Have to agree the bark is amazing, so lifelike. Could you add some different shades of green to leaves still? The contrast against the bark is great but I see what you mean that some other greens and maybe some browns will give the leaves more of a starring role.

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