With or Without?

Yesterday I showed you gold leafing on the back of my Stewart Stephenson challenge piece. I put that photo into Photoshop and made a “brush tool” out of the gold leaf bits. I then added that in several layers over the challenge piece photo so I could see what the gold leaf might look like on the front. The gold wouldn’t be in the exact same places or shapes but it would still have the same feel.

So what do you think? With or without? I’m not sure why the gold leaf photo is bigger – it’s from the same original photo. Weird.

16 thoughts on “With or Without?

  1. i like it with. It adds to the fabric–another colour, another element. Reminds me of molten gold dripping on a vertical surface. It adds heat and sizzles.

  2. I’m afraid I like it with the gold too. It gives the piece more movement and interest (after comparing the two the original looks a bit monotone), would your husband like it more if it was in just a few discrete areas?

    • I’m pretty sure I’m going with the gold. My husband’s opinion is usually the exact opposite of mine so I don’t pay much heed to him 🙂 He’ll like the result no matter what I do.

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