A Few Odds and Ends

I have been working on my online class making samples and writing up the course. But I do have a few things that I can show you.

Mixed Media Painting, Ruth Lane

Mixed Media Painting “Fragments”

I have nearly finished a couple of the mixed media paintings that I started quite a while ago. This is one of the ones that was plaster on burlap, cracked and then painted. I glued it to a wooden “canvas” and covered it with Dorland’s wax medium.

Mixed Media Painting, Ruth Lane

Mixed Media Painting “Amorphous Circle”

This one I had thought was finished and then decided I should sand it to take off some of the paint. I didn’t like the result at all. So I added some oil paint (from paint sticks) in darker blue. It still needs a few coats of wax medium after the oil paint dries for a few days.

Stitched Felt Cord, Ruth Lane

Stitched Felt Cord

I had seen on Facebook that Lisa Klakulak of Strongfelt was machine stitching on felt cords so I thought I’d give it a go. I had an orange felt cord that I made a couple of years ago. There was already blue thread in the sewing machine so I started free motion stitching. It was a bit of a pain and I should have stitched more but I wasn’t really enjoying the process.

Machine Stitched Felt Cord, Ruth Lane

Machine stitching on felt cord

This photo shows you the rest of the cord and the stitched cord below it. The stitching flattens the cord right out and really stiffens it.

Stitched Felt Cord, Ruth Lane

Bracelet from felted cord that has been machine stitched.

I put a bit of velcro on each end and made it into a bracelet. It’s unlikely I’ll wear it but it was an interesting experiment.


13 thoughts on “A Few Odds and Ends

  1. I really love the picture with the lace and cracked background. The stitching on the cord is interesting. How did you close it? Did you have to use a special needle and setting on your machine?

  2. The stitched felt cord is an interesting idea and I think the result looks really pretty but I see how it would be a pain to keep it under the sewing machine foot.

    • Thanks Teri – yes, I thought it was an interesting idea as well. The process wasn’t much fun though. I think if the felt cord I used wasn’t fulled as hard, it would have been much better.

  3. I like ‘fragments’ – I think the aqua/pale green accents really finish it nicely.

    The bracelet turned out pretty good but I can imagine how fiddly it was!

    • Thanks Lyn. I doubt I’ll try another bracelet but the process sounded interesting. As I said above on Teri’s comment, I think it would work better with a cord that wasn’t fulled so hard.

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