Results of Experimental Screen Printing Plus a Little Dyeing

My local group met this afternoon for some gradation dyeing. I remembered to take some photos of the fabric from our last session of experimental screen printing.

These are pieces that Bunny and Carole did. I really like the unpredictability of this process. You never know what you’re going to get.

The rest of the afternoon we spent doing some dyeing. We were supposed to be doing gradation and ombre dyeing but we ended up just painting dye on to different fabric and scarves. I overdyed some of my previously screen printed fabric. All of the fabric is batching at the moment, then I need to rinse it out and iron it. So I’ll have to show you the results later. Have a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

10 thoughts on “Results of Experimental Screen Printing Plus a Little Dyeing

  1. This is a different method of ombre dyeing than what I am used to (slowly lowering the fabric into a bucket of dye). Are you painting on a layer, letting it dry then painting on another layer but not quite to the end and so forth?
    The pieces look lovely (the sort of thing I would buy at craft fairs), any thoughts on how you might use them?

    • Thanks Teri – Bunny did do a bit of that type of dyeing by lowering the piece into the dye pot gradually. But the rest of us were just painting dye on to wet fabric. We didn’t let anything dry, just kept adding either stronger or weaker colors as we went. And then we just started putting all kinds of colors on to the fabric. Some of the pieces were scarves that might eventually get sold. The other fabric will go in my stash for use whenever it works with a project. No real plans for any of it.

  2. I enjoy seeing what you are doing in other art media. I believe I see some of your “circles” from the on-line course you took. I also see a bit of Marimekko influence, whether intentional or not. Nice work!

    • Thanks – my circles work has definitely influenced some of my design work lately. But I have never seen Marimekko – I looked it up but have never run across it before. So I’m sure that “influence” was not involved. 🙂

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