A Beautiful Day to Dye

I spent all day today dyeing wool roving, washed merino fiber and a shibori scarf. I used acid dyes to dye the wool. The scarf photos did not turn out so I will have to show you that one later when the light is better. My friend Paula came over and carded some really fine merino roving into batts and dyed a little fiber too.

Dye Set UpHere is all the dye set out and one bit of dye mixed up. Most of the pots, I just dyed a solid color. But I did try a few pots with mixed dyes in them.
Three Dye Pots Going
I had three pots steaming away on the stove.
Red Dye PotHere’s a red one.
Blue Dye PotAnd a blue one.
Orange WoolHere’s some orange roving in the sink waiting to be put through the spin cycle on the washing machine.
Paula's Blue Wool
Paula got her wool in at the end of the dye bath after it was nearly exhausted. This is a mix of blue and purple which actually looks better than this photo depicts. It is close to a pale denim color.
Paula's Pale Green WoolThis is another one of Paula’s that is a really pretty very pale green.
Paula's Merino BattsPaula got three batts carded. This is really fine (15.5) merino and it is so soft.
Dyed RovingHere’s a bunch of my roving hung up in the bathroom on the shower curtain rod. I couldn’t believe that I got black when I wasn’t trying. I was going for a deep blue but ended up with black. When I try to get black, it rarely comes out very well.
More Dyed RovingHere’s some more roving drying. The one on the left was done with three colors, violet, salmon and cherry red.
Blue Merino Fiber
Since I had the dye pots out, I thought I’d dye more of the washed merino fiber that I have. I did blue,
Dark Green Dyed Merinoreally dark green,
Magenta/Purple Dyed Merinoand a mix of magenta and purple. Now I have bunches of pretty colors to use in my felting projects. The really bright ones are for cat toys. People seem to thing that cats need to have bright-colored toys.

10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day to Dye

  1. Looks like a great day dying Ruth. You got lots of colours. Block is a hard one, put a note on what ever dye you used to get it. You will have to show us what the mixed colour ones look like carded.

    • Thanks Ann – I used 1 1/2 teaspoons of blue and 1 tsp of black dye to get the black. I will try to remember to show you the carded mixed colors. I will if I get it done in the near future perhaps.

  2. Great colours and seems like you had a fun day! I’m not sure whether that orange dyebath looks yummy or evil, but it looks good on the wool πŸ™‚ The merino batts look so good too – I want to sink my hands into it.

  3. That all looks sooo good, what a great days effort. I have not done much dyeing and am in awe of such quantities being done, Love the shot of those pots bubbling away doing their magic. I am going to try a dye a blanket dark purple when the weather comes right, send me some of your dyeing kudos πŸ™‚

    • Dyeing is fairly simple if you aren’t determined to make a specific color that exactly matches something. I just let the magic happen on it’s own and I’m happy with the results as I know I’ll use it somehow. Best of luck with the dark purple blanket!

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