Seeing Orange

I know, it’s supposed to be seeing red. But today I’m seeing orange. I needed orange decorations for a purse I am refashioning and I had found some little crocheted pieces at the thrift store. They were white and actually had some sort of glue in them when I bought them. I just soaked them in water and that took care of the stiffening agent. Today, I dyed them orange and since I had some extra dye, I put in a little fabric as well.

 This photo about blows your eyes out – the orange is really bright.

Here’s one you can see a little better. I’ll show you the bag after I finish.

 This photo is of 90# cheese cloth. I dyed both pieces of fabric in a baggie.

This piece of fabric is a combination of silk and cotton. The way it is woven, it has silk on one side and cotton on the other. I’m sure it will look more interesting when it has been ironed.

I spent most of today working on a new blog/website on WordPress. I am going to move this blog as soon as it is finished. It will be much more up to date than this blog. I wanted to have all my blogs/websites in one place so I decided to go with WordPress. I hope to have it finished in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know the new address. I appreciate all my followers/readers and I hope that you’ll like the new site.

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