Finishing Off

I have been going through my stash of items that I have made but haven’t completely finished or that just need labels. I am getting them ready to sell at my store. (By the way, we have a brand new website, if you’d like to check it out I also have a few projects that need some hand stitching and I started on one of those.

 This one is called Avalanche Creek and is made with lots of different fibers. It has been wet felted and needle felted. The inspiration was from a photo I took in Glacier National Park. It was made for an example in my book, The Complete Photo Guide to Felting.

This piece is called Roots. It was made entirely on my Janome needle felting machine. It was also made for the book but sadly, none of the fifteen projects I developed for the book were included. I guess I’m too long winded. I had hopes that they would publish the projects separately but I haven’t heard anything from the publishing company about it. Roots also has a variety of fibers, yarn and fabric.

 Here’s a couple of closer views.

This was fun to make, I really enjoyed adding all those yarns on top.

 Here’s the hand stitching project. It is a nuno felted book cover. The threads are the colors I am going to use. I thought it needed a little brightening up.

Here’s a closer view. Chain stitch around the prefelt orange pieces. I think this is going to be a kind of paisley design. I have lots more stitching to do on this as I’m going to cover lots of the white.

One thought on “Finishing Off

  1. Those top two pieces are gorgeous, Ruth.I know you put a lot of time into the projects you developed, it'd be such a waste if they weren't used. Maybe you could put them together in an e-book and publish them yourself?

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