Italian Buttonhole Insertion Stitch Revisited

I decided to try another book cover with the Italian insertion stitch binding. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to fold over the edges of the binding so I just decided to try it without the folded edge. It actually works fine except now I’m not sure how I will attach pages inside. But I’ll work something out.

Do you ever think that after learning a new stitch, “that was easy, I’ll remember that one”? That was what I thought about Italian insertion stitch but the beginning still looks crappy. Once I got started, it was fine except for a little tension issue where I kept pulling a little tighter and tighter but that’s not really noticeable once it is off the card. But I still always need to look back at instructions to remember how to start a stitch that I haven’t done for a while or that is relatively new to me.

Here’s a closer view once I got going. You can see to the left that the stitches are getting pulled a little tighter because the space between the pages is getting smaller. I just have to remember this next time I do this stitch, that would be good if I had much of a memory left!

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