The Complete Yurt Handbook

I ordered The Complete Yurt Handbook by Paul King and it came today. I’ve only read a couple of chapters but it has tons of useful information in it. The first section of the book is about the history of yurts or ger and the different types. The second section is complete instructions on making one. So this book will come in really handy over the summer when we build our yurt.

Each of the chapters starts off with a poem about yurts. Here is one of the shorter ones:

In a charming field
Covered with multi-colored flowers,
In the spacious Khanghai land
Rich in green green grass
Floats a fast river
Flooding its banks
And those thousand herds
Graze in their pleasant pasture
There stand silver-white gers
Like pearly hail
Beautifying our Mongol country
As though a shining crystal ray.

Purevyn Khorloo (in Modern Mongolian Poetry 1989)
I am enjoying the book so far and I’ll soon start working on what size pieces of felt I need to make for the walls. I did stitch more on my applique piece but thought you might like a little break as it isn’t progressing very quickly.

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