Home Again, Home Again

We’re back home and I’m happy to be staying put for a while. That was a bit much with our two back to back trips. I wanted to show you a few shots of the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center including our mini exhibition. If you ever get a chance, the classes are wonderful there. I signed up for Level 1 Color Studies in June. If everything works out, I want to take the Level 3 Art and Design starting in September. But we’ll see…

 Here’s all my stuff piled up on a table when we first arrived.

 Here’s my work station and as usual it is a bit messy.

 The next photos are of our exhibition. It is so amazing to see your work that were just samples, framed and looking professional. These are three machine stitched pears that all started the same size but due to the different techniques used, the sizes changed.

 Here are two of my print to stitch pieces. I really like both of these pieces of photos taken in Glacier National Park.

 Here are another couple of samples. They look much nicer with a black background.

 Here is all our stuff laid out on the tables. There were four of use showing and we filled up 6 large table areas. This shows Lynette’s work in the front and mine in the back.

 This shows Patti’s work in the front and Nanci’s in the back. We weren’t supposed to share photos of the others work so I’m just showing mine in close up.

This front table held the Level 1 hand stitch work and then Patti’s table behind that. We had a fairly good sized group come and see our work and it was rewarding to hear people comment positively on our work. We are holding another exhibition in September here in Montana and everyone is coming for the opening. It will be such fun to see everyone again. So if you have plans to be in Montana in September, our exhibition/opening will be on September 5th.

Today I worked on finishing up the cat toys that I started on the way to Washington. I’ll put them in the wash to wet felt them.

One thought on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. OOO your level 1 color studies should be very interesting Ruth and i hope you get to do the level 3 art and design, you'll be a very busy lady this year, the photos look gorgeous xo

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