Stamp Carving Party

Today I met with my local group and we carved stamps. We had a great time and the stamps turned out great.  I also put another layer on my leaf painting and fused the fabric down on my stitched cards.

 Here are the cards all finished up. I just took fusible webbing and fused the fabric to the paper card.

 Here’s another layer finished on the leaf painting. I think I will add a few more layers yet. This is what we’re going to do for our next monthly meeting. I think I’ll do the next one on a canvas.

 This afternoon our group met and carved stamps. This is Louise’s stamp based on frost patterns. Isn’t it cool?

 Here are some of Jan’s designs.

 And another of Jan’s designs.

 Here is one of my stamps partially carved out.

 These are more of my stamps. You will see these in the future as I have plans to make some wall hangings with these.

 Here are a couple of stamps that Carole carved.

 These are Bunny’s prints of ginkgo leaves.

 And Bunny carving her take of the frost design.

 Here’s Bunny’s butterfly stamp.

 This is one of Carole’s prints.

 Here’s Bunny’s leaf stamp.

 And prints of her butterfly stamp. She is going to work further into these with pen or colored pencil.

 Here is Louise inking up her stamp. I forgot to get a photo of her stamped image. We had a great time.

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