Stitched Cards and a Diseased Lion

I finished stitching the last two cards that I laid out over the weekend. I also did another drawing into an “ink blot”. I’m not as pleased with this one as I was with Stanley the Snail. Particularly what I dislike is the black tongue, he looks diseased.

 Here’s one of the cards I stitched today. It was originally supposed to be with the three small blue stripes towards the top but I liked this orientation better.

 You can barely see the stitching on this one in the photo. There is blue stem stitch on the blue fabric.

 Here you  can see the stitching a bit better.

So here is the page before I started drawing the lion. Can you see his nose and eyes?

Here he is after I drew in the details. The black tongue just looks silly. Oh well, these are supposed to be silly sketches and so here is my diseased lion.

I’m getting the stitches out of my finger today. I think I might have damaged some nerve endings as my finger tip is a bit tingly and numb feeling. Hopefully, that will return to normal.

One thought on “Stitched Cards and a Diseased Lion

  1. Your stitched cards look so lovely Ruth, i really like the colors and your diseased Lion is adorable, he could be chewing on a stick instead of sticking his tongue out lol oh your poor finger, i hope all is ok once you get the stitches out 🙂

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