DDF – Day 15

It has been really slow at the store for the last few days so I got quite a bit of stitching completed. I’m working on my applique samples since I still haven’t gotten the backs on my bead book pages. I did get a few of those fused down this morning and I plan on fusing the rest tonight. Then I can start on binding the edges.

 I finished the stitching on the cover for my applique book. I am undecided on whether I will add anything else to this or not. I don’t like that the cut pieces have the shape of a face. I didn’t see that when I first cut it out but now that someone mentioned it, I can’t unsee the face. I’m not sure what I can do to change it at this point though.

Here is the second applique piece I started stitching today. If you’ve been following along, this is the piece that I designed by playing with black and white shapes in this post. I used wool felt that Jan gave me – Thanks Jan! Normally we are to use our own hand dyed felt for homework so hopefully this will be OK even though it is commercial felt. I thought since it was such a traditional type of design that the commercial felt looked good. Plus I really liked the colors and the heathery appearance. I guess I’ll find out when I go back in February. Thanks for stopping by!

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