Two Weeks of a Daily Dose of Fiber

I’ve managed to blog for 14 days in a row and have gotten quite a bit done in the first two weeks of January. Today I worked on stitch class homework (what else do I do?). We are to choose a folk art design and make an applique sample in that style. I have chosen the Kyrgyzstan culture and the shyrdak rug designs in felt.

 I am interested in these rugs/designs as these are the types of rugs that were used in traditional yurts.

 They are made with bright colors and intricate cut designs and I thought they would work well for applique.

 The plan at the moment is to use hand made felt to make the applique. I already have some prefelts that I thought I could use. I have to check and see what color they are.

 I actually like the ones that are made with natural colored wool the best but I think I’ll use brighter colors for my design.

 Here is a cut out I made of the planned design. This may be a bit tough to cut out in felt. I didn’t glue this in my notebook yet as I thought the colors were a bit much. I made add a bit of paint to make them more like the colors used in the photos above.

I also did some stitching for the cover of my applique book. You can see that the bottom piece has been stitched and the top piece still needs to be done.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to hear your comments so please let me know what you think.

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