Felting Slippers

 My sister Margaret is visiting me for a week and we decided to felt some slippers yesterday. She hasn’t felted before so this was her first effort. The photo above is the layout for slippers for my husband. I used some fiber that a friend gave to me. It is the broken tips from a merino fleece. They can’t be carded because they are too short. It was a pain to lay out but actually worked out better than expected. I made the slippers really thick because hubby wore through the last pair very quickly.

 Here is Margaret’s beginning layout. We decided that they looked like “Wild Thing” feet.

 Margaret also really liked this Blue Faced Leicester wool so I made her an I-pad cover.

 We tried a new experiment with Margaret’s slippers and put a foot shaped piece of wool blanket in the middle of the bottom layers to provide more thickness and support to the bottom of the slippers.

 I put black short fiber merino as a second layer of my husband’s slippers as I was afraid there would be holes in the gray wool.

 Here’s the I-pad cover after partial layout and wet down.

 Margaret’s slippers after partial layout and wet down.

 She added pre-yarn, silk cap and silk noil for embellishment. The wool used here is Falkland that I dyed with leftover dye from my cocoon jacket dyeing session.

 Here are the wet down and rubbed slippers for hubby. It took lots of rubbing to get the wool to start holding together.

 Here are Margaret’s slippers after a bit of rubbing.

 And the I-pad cover.

 We got really busy after that with rolling and fulling and forgot to take any photos. But here is a photo of me fulling hubby’s slippers on the washboard. Boy am I fast 🙂

 And here are Margaret’s finished slippers. Didn’t she do a great job? She was really pleased with them.

Here are my husband’s slippers and the I-pad cover. He still hasn’t tried them on so there might be some shaping left to do. All in all, it was a great day. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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