Hat Felting Class

 I taught a felted hat class on Friday at Camas Creek Yarns in Kalispell. I had 6 students and we had a great time. I forgot that I brought the camera until about half way through. Paula took most of the photos and the one I did take of her was blurry and didn’t come out. All of the photos of me, I either have my eyes closed or I’m looking silly. This one looks like I’m whistling while I roll.

 And of course, my hands are always going when I speak.

 Here are Jan and Marylou rolling with Darlene’s help.

 Here is Mary rolling and Leah looking on.

 This is Darlene’s hat after the resist came out. Most of the students decided to do a “cowboy” style hat with a folded crown.

 This is Mary and her hat. We’re working on stretching the felt after rolling.

 Here’s Jan cutting the resist out of her hat.

 This is Marylou’s hat before shrinking.

 Darlene is removing her resist and Leah is in the background rolling hers.

 Here is the beret I made for a sample. We used Strata batts from New England Felting Supply and they are so easy to felt. It really saves on layout time as well.

 This is a close up of the embellishment fibers on Jan’s hat.

Here is Darlene making the folds on the crown of her hat.

And Jan is working on her folding here as well. We didn’t quite get the hats completely finished so I’ve asked everyone to send me a photo of their finished hat. Hopefully, I’ll have some finished hats to show you soon. I’m teaching the same class in mid March. Visit the Camas Creek website if you’ll be in the area and would like to make a felted hat. I’m also planning on an advanced hat class and that will be happening in April or May. 

4 thoughts on “Hat Felting Class

  1. This looks like so much fun. I would have enjoyed the class. I bought a felted hat (knitted then felted) one time and would love to replace it with a hand felted one. A bit to far away.

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