Color Mixing with Distorted Cross Stitch

 Here’s one of the samples that I did for Level 2 Stitch. We started with cut up bits of fabric and then added distorted cross stitch over the fabric. This is the base which was the starting point.

And this is the end result. About halfway through, I thought it looked like a big mess. But I persevered and it did finally look a bit like what I had imagined when I started. The point was to use the stitching to mix the colors and achieve a look of foliage. I need to do another sample for homework and I’m thinking I’ll do one based on a garden against a rock wall. I considered doing a winter scene but I don’t really have the threads needed for that one. But I am going to dye more so… I’m sure I’ll make up my mind soon.

4 thoughts on “Color Mixing with Distorted Cross Stitch

  1. Ruth, this is really beautiful. I've not commented recently but have enjoyed all your posts, especially the wax technique. I am constantly amazed at your creativity. I hope your week leading up to Christmas will not be too hectic. Have a lovely Christmas, and I look forward to following your lovely work in 2012. Cheers to you and your family, and thank you for so much inspiration.

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