Leaf Prints Revealed

 I opened the leaf print bundles yesterday afternoon. This is the sunflower prints on a silk/wool blend scarf.

 You can see that I did get a bit of color from the leaf but it wasn’t as strong as I had hoped. I think I should have kept the bundles wet. They sat outside but had dried out.

 Here’s another area of the scarf. It just looks dirty in some places.

 Here’s the lupines on the felted scarf. You can see I got good transfer from the string that had dye in it. The strings are all white now.

 Here are the leaf prints. Very light and hard to see.

 Here are the two scarfs from a distance. Not too impressive.

 Here’s the sunflower scarf after ironing. I’m not sure where those white dots came from. Something blocked the dye there.

 Here’s the end with the blue from the strings. It is the most interesting part of the scarf.

Here’s the lupine one after ironing. I think I need to add another layer on these as I’m not really happy with how they turned out. I’ll leave them for a bit and then decide what to do. Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Leaf Prints Revealed

  1. When I get bundled scarves that come out like this I just overdye them with another sort of dye. Onion skins work out well for many if you want to go with natural dyes.Did you use a mordant (vinegar or alum) on the fabric before the leaves were bundled?

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