Friday’s Felting Party

 Paula, Shelley and I got together yesterday and had a felting party. First we had a little lunch and chit chat and then we got down to some serious felting. We were working in the new felting studio in the basement of Camas Creek Yarns. Paula teaches felting classes here. They have two great big tables, a double sink and the shop is now selling roving, batts and even prefelt. This first photo shows a scarf that Paula is making with instructions from Chad Hagen’s new scarf book. The process is to use pencil roving and wrap it around the bubbles in the bubble wrap, wetting down as you go. Paula had already worked for 3-4 hours to get this far.

 Here’s Paula still working four hours later. She had the first layer down and was adding the second layer in another color. Talk about tedious layout! I’m not sure I want to try one of those.

 Here’s what Shelley was working on. She made some little felted birds which were originally going to be brooches/pins but she decided they she was going to incorporate them into a small bag that she is planning on making.

Here’s my project. It is a scarf made from merino with only one thin layer of batting in the layout. There is a surprise to this scarf that you can’t see at this point. I didn’t get it finished so you’ll have to wait for the result.

I’ll be unveiling the leaf prints later today. It won’t be until the afternoon because I have to go and count inventory for the store tomorrow. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Felting Party

  1. Wow Ruth i'm not sure i'd have that much patients either but i really cant wait to see the finished scarf, it looks amazing. Also cant wait to see your scarf and the unveiling of your leave prints. I'll be waiting lol

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