Design Focus Friday – Rhythm

 Do you listen to music while you create? Does that change the rhythm in your work. The marbling above has a nice flowing rhythm with a little excitement added in with the red dots.

 This postcard is repetitious and has more of a staccato type of rhythm as the eye jumps around more.

And this is also very repetitive but flows better as your eye has a tendency to move up or downward.
This is probably the last of the Design Focus Friday posts. It has been a year since I started this journey and I feel it has really helped me with thinking about design a bit before jumping right into a piece. I hope you have enjoyed the series of posts and thanks for stopping by.
In another note, my big project is almost complete. I just have a bit of mopping up to do and then it will be off to the publisher. Yes – I wrote a book about felting. I will soon have a bit more information for you. I’m very excited that it is finished and there will be more details to follow. So I will be around the blogs more, leaving comments and showing you some actual new work in the near future. WooHoo!

3 thoughts on “Design Focus Friday – Rhythm

  1. Sorry I've been neglecting your blog lately, but I'm sure you understand that life gets in one's way sometimes. I have enjoyed reading the posts and looking at the work displaying. I particularly like the postcard in this post. I must say too that I'm excited for you with an upcoming publication, so hope that all goes well. Do let us know what, where, how to view, purchase, won't you………

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