Design Focus Friday – Asymmetrical Balance

 With asymmetrical balance, the design is typically off center and most likely the elements are not the same on each side of the central line. There is usually a feeling of greater tension when a piece is asymmetrical as opposed to a symmetrical piece.
Most of everything I do is asymmetrical. It seems that most people are either one way or the other and prefer working symmetrically or asymmetrically.
If the left side is not exactly equal to the right side, is it unbalanced? Or do certain elements, even if they are different, balance one another? Play with the balance and stretch your boundaries. If you like to work symmetrically, try an asymmetrical piece or vice versa. Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Design Focus Friday – Asymmetrical Balance

  1. I am definitely an asymmetrical person too Ruth, despite my years of counted thread work where one works evenly [mostly] out from the centre. Your tree image is superb, I love it, not to mention the embroidery. Sorry I've been absent of late, time gets away on me these short days. Cheers.

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