Wooly Goodness

 Finally, something that I’ve been working on that I can show you. I dyed wool all day Thursday. This is from a merino fleece that I got locally. I washed it last weekend.

 Then today, I spent all day carding. I have borrowed a drum carder from my friend Bunny and boy is it fun. It makes beautiful batts and you can mix all kinds of fiber together. I want one of my own now.

This is the same batts without the gray and black ones. It just looks so colorful. Hope you all are having a great day and have a wonderful weekend.

5 thoughts on “Wooly Goodness

  1. I have lots of fleece, now i need to start using mine.I was trying to felt wool onto felt by using scraps, but it wasn't working, not sure why, usually I can do that, but wondering if the wools I had were too dense? I do have a lot of fleece, I have been collecting it and getting it with coupons, so i can over dye some. Debbie

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