Hand Stitch Sketch Book

I seem to have run out of “free” space on Blogger. So I deleted some old photos, hopefully that won’t be a problem but I guess I’ll have to work out how much I should pay for space per year. I have definitely been using more photos this past year. These are photos of my hand stitch sketch book that I started in my Level 1 Hand Stitch Class. We painted the first 10 pages with Procion MX dyes and then I painted more with Dye-na-flow paints when I got home. I really like this concept of keeping a record of various stitches in this book. I have added other stitches that we didn’t do in class. The page on the right above is one of my takes on fly stitch. I worked it in a circle. These could be snowflakes or flowers. The most tedious part of this is poking the holes and figuring out where the holes should go.
 This is the back of the page above. I haven’t done any stitching on the purple side yet.

 Here’s a few more pages that have just been painted

 We also made a color chart with the Procion MX dyes as you can see on the right hand page.

 The page on the left is the back side of the page that I already showed in previous posts. The front of that page is black with red chain stitch. The right page is couched yarns.

 Here’s the back of the couched yarn page on the left. I threaded another novelty yarn through the stitching on the back. It was quite painful to do due to the thickness of the novelty yarn. The partial page on the right was cut down and then stitched with button hole stitch around the edge. This was then covered with raised chain band stitch. The small dark edge is more button hole stitch done with a thinner thread.

 Here’s the back of the button hole page and then on the right is feather stitch.

 The back of the feather stitch on the left and then back stitch with various lacing options.

 The left is the reverse side of the back stitch and on the right is another page of fly stitch. Looks very different from the circular variety above.

 The back of the fly stitch is on the left and the chevron stitch is on the right.

 I did a lacing of the back of the chevron stitch so it looks very similar to the front side. The right is just painted with no stitching.

More painted pages.

The page on the right has herringbone stitch. I still have to do a “knotted” page for homework. I think I will be using one of the black/grey backgrounds with some of my orange hand dyed threads to resemble a lichen photo that I have. There are still 8 pages that are blank so if you have a suggestion for a stitch that I haven’t done and would work well through punched holes, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Hand Stitch Sketch Book

  1. That is a great idea. I was thinking I should do a stitch book with stitches I can figure out, with a sample.I have no idea how much space blogger lets us use, but I do reduce my photos before I put them in. If your photos are large and you are going straight from the camera with high resolution, the files will be a lot larger.Debbie

  2. Love it! The pages have so much movement with the color variations.Thanks for sharing because I never thought of dyeing paper. What kind of paper did you use?

  3. I do love your painted paper and stitch samples in your book. Funny, I saw someone else's sketchbook yesterday with the same kind of samples (but different to yours) and I must say I am so inspired by both of your books that I want to paint paper and stitch. I do hope I find a teensy bit of time this weekend to playI was interested in your comment about running out of free space on your blog. It has been on my mind for a while as I am up to 77% and starting to wonder how much it is going to cost to continue. How do we find out about this … do you know?Best wishes for a very happy weekend Ruth, Carolyn x

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