Design Focus Friday – Form

 Last week we talked about form as it relates to a two dimensional work and how to imply form on your picture plane. Usually, I work in 2D more than 3D but I would like to do more 3D work. The sketch above shows what I plan to do with my Traveling Pages to make all 13 pages into a book form. As my theme is trees, the covers will resemble bark and the “posts” on the book will be red twig dogwood branches.

 When you’re thinking about form in three dimensional work, sometimes it helps to make a model. I used some leftover heavy interfacing, chopsticks and duct tape. All things I had around the house. The model is about half the size of the actual pages. The photo above shows how the book will look when closed. I’ll have to make sure that the red twig dogwood branches aren’t too “bushy” on top or it won’t close well. Although I will probably always display it open. I won’t be using duct tape to secure the real book together (although it has a certain chic). I plan on using a heavy thread (like button thread) to attach all the pages to the posts as shown in my sketch in the first photo.

 Here is it standing up. All the front side of the pages will be on one side and then when you turn the book around, all the back pages will be on the opposite side.

Here’s a view from the top. I think this form will be perfect for my pages. I still have two pages to receive and I need to finish up my covers but I plan on finishing the book by the end of February. This model is so cute that I want to cover the pages and make a smaller book too. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do that.

Have you worked in 3D? What have you made? How did you determine your pattern and if it would work? Did you have to think about stability? How did you merge the need for stability and structure with the aesthetic? Leave me a comment and let me know, as I’d love to hear how you are using form in your work.

One thought on “Design Focus Friday – Form

  1. Ruth,This is going to look fabulous!I used to make rag dolls, then decided to try teddy bears … converting flat shapes into the right size 3Dshape for the body, then matching up arms and legs was interesting! I used a lot of scraps making mismatched body parts. Eventually worked out drawing a side view sketch of the bear was pretty close to the right shape for the arms and legs, but still have to experiment with body shape to get what I want!Judy B

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