Design Focus Friday – The Last Shape

 Actually, I’m sure this isn’t the last shape you’ll see on Design Focus Friday but it is the last time we’re going to focus on shape. I’ve been playing with my new art supplies from Santa and thinking about shape. These are just doodled shapes that I colored in with Inktense pencils. I started this page with a coat of black gesso. I can’t decide if I should now add water to the ink or leave it as is. What do you think?

 Then I was thinking about how to draw a shape without using line. So I used dots. I was concentrating on the shape the blue dots were making but now all I can see are the white negative shapes.

 This page started out about line but then when I added the color, it turned into shapes.

This is the start of a page where I am following ideas from the book Watercolor and Collage Workshop by Gerald Brommer. This is the first step of adding watercolor (I used my new water soluble crayons). Next I am supposed to collage different kinds of rice paper over the watercolor and then add more watercolor and line as needed. I liked the shapes that I got with this method.

Next up is form, we’ll be exploring three dimensional objects as well as how to give two dimensional work the illusion of depth. Hope to hear from you soon about how you’ve been using the different design elements in your work.

One thought on “Design Focus Friday – The Last Shape

  1. Happy and Healthy New Year Ruth. Your sketchbook looks amazing – so diverse! I don't know about wetting the first one – you might ruin it if you don't know what will happen. Mind you, you could just do say half – a before and after touch, so to speak. That way you get the best of both worlds! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving that very useful comment!

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