Design Focus Friday – Shape Continued

 One way you can use shape is making stamps. You can combine small shapes together as I did with the stamp on the left or a bigger shape. You could use geometric or organic shapes. Guess which ones I usually do?

 You can also use shapes to make stencils. The most important thing to remember with stencils is to make sure you have bridges so your center part of your stencil won’t fall apart once you’ve cut it out. This one hasn’t been cut out yet. I am planning on trying to use a heat tool to cut it out.

 Here’s the sketch where I figured out how the stencil would work. I drew the big shape of the pine cone first and then drew the smaller pine cone bits (what are those called?). My friend thought it was a pineapple.

 Here are the stamps in my studio journal. I seem to have lost my ginkgo leaf stamp somewhere in my studio. I’m sure it’s there somewhere…

The fun thing with the foam stamps is you can add details within your large shape. Have you been thinking about shape and how you use it in your work? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Design Focus Friday – Shape Continued

  1. I've always seen (and enjoy) finding shapes in random/organic things like wood grain so never spent much time in creating shapes in my wool but love doing it in my 3D sculpture .

  2. So I love the stamps, what sort of foam are you making them with? do you glue it to something stronger? Maybe you better not tell me, I might start a whole new branch of crafting and expand my ever growing stash with supplies of things I to plan to do….

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