Saloon Doors for Liz

 Liz received the page so here are the saloon doors that I made for her. I have been trying to relate the pages to Montana (if the theme allows) and so that’s how I came up with this page. It’s based on the doors at Moose’s Saloon in Kalispell. I used muslin dyed with walnut ink and then embellished with machine stitching, oil paint sticks and Sharpie pen.

 You can open the doors for a little stamped message. The backs of the doors are silk paper.

And here’s the back. So does it say “Montana” to you?

4 thoughts on “Saloon Doors for Liz

  1. Ruth, the page is amazing, and thank you for giving us a description of technique. I have to agree – if John Wayne walked out of those doors I would not be surprised, perhaps with Robert Mitchum or Dean Martin in tow – remember El Dorado and Rio Bravo??????? I think this page would be a favourite for my husband!! Well done to you, such a great idea.

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