Marbled Scarves and Paper

We played with marbling scarves and paper with my local fiber art group on Friday. I have never tried marbling before and really enjoyed myself. I don’t think I want to invest in the equipment and paint to do this on a regular basis but one of our members has the whole set up so everyone got to make a couple of scarves. These are not exactly my colors. I didn’t take the time to mix colors and the ones straight out of the bottle were really much brighter than I normally use. She already had the marbling vats set up so all we had to do was put drops of paints on the surface of the sea weed based jelly stuff and let them spread. These are called stones. We then used a variety of tools to marble the paint. She had several books with very intricate designs but we mainly just played around. I like the bigger blobs of paint as opposed to the intricate marbled designs so I didn’t do much of the marbling more just lots of “stones”. She had also already put the scarves in alum water, let them dry and ironed them. Then all you have to do is lay the scarf face down on the marbling vat and ta da – a marbled scarf. You have to be careful not to get air bubbles as they’ll leave white spots.

Here is the last one that I did. I didn’t marble this one at all.

 I like how this one turned out but I don’t really like the white in the pattern and the backs are white since it is paint and not dye. So I will probably over dye all of these. I will show you the results of over dying whenever I manage to get that done. I do need to dye soon because I have some wool that needs dyeing.

Here are some index cards that I put in the remaining paint after dyeing a scarf.

 And larger papers which I am going to cut up and use for greeting cards.

We had a blast. We did discuss our Design Focus Friday and so this month I am going to try and find a couple of pieces of art and “critique” them to see if I can determine how the artist used the design elements and principles in their work. More on that later. Next month, the group will be coming to my house and we will be doing nuno felting. Perhaps I will remember to take some photos. I completely forgot to take any of us marbling as I became so engrossed in the process.

4 thoughts on “Marbled Scarves and Paper

  1. Love the scarves and the papers!I've tried marbling with inks on shaving cream, but never paints on the seaweed stuff.It's nice that your group allows enough time to get such a large group of samples.

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