New scarves and the Seashore Page for Juliette

Here is what I did most of the day on Friday. Dyed 24 rayon/silk cut velvet scarves. There are 6 of each design and since I used acid dyes, they were lighter than if the scarves were pure silk. But they came out better than I expected and they’ll all be in the shop on Monday to start selling.

Here’s more – mainly the leaf pattern. The ones above are diamond pattern.

These are the abstract pattern.

And this last set is floral. I wish I knew how to put all the photos together to make a panoramic shot for you. That brings up the subject of my using Photoshop. I tried for nearly two hours Friday morning to layer two photos together. I just can’t seem to make it work. I read all the help instructions and tried to do what it said but no go. So if anyone knows how to do that and can explain it easily, I would love to be able to layer two photos together.

Juliette received this page so I can show you my second seashore page. I’ve always loved sandpipers when I go to the beach so that’s what this is based on. The sand is from a rusted piece of fabric, the water is hand dyed and I drew the bird with watercolor pencils and then painted with fabric medium. A bit of machine stitching and quilting to finish. The edge is done with a raffia machined cord.

Here’s closer view of the sandpiper.

And here’s the back. I am way behind my usual schedule for my August page. I usually have the page done already and I haven’t even started. The photos I was trying to layer on Friday with Photoshop were to be the basis for the page but I never got it completed. Sigh… I’ll have to do some other technique and get started soon. I don’t want to get behind. Chris, your coastline page will be started soon, I promise!

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