Solar Dyeing and Various Other Tidbits

This was the solar dyeing experiment when it started. I forgot  to take a photo before I took it out of the jar. After I threw away the soggy, pickled mushrooms or toadstools or whatever they were, I used Synthrapol to clean the wool and then rinsed it out.

Here it is after being dyed. It’s the wool on the right. I put it up next to some undyed white wool so you could see the change in it. It is kind of a pale, creamy color tending toward yellow. It was in the jar for four weeks and I thought I would see more of a brown to orange tone but it really didn’t change all that much.

Here is another page spread I’m working on in my journal. It’s pretty blah right now – looks rather like camouflage. More will have to be done as I am not pleased with it so far.

Here’s a sketch of a future project. I want to base a felted vase on the bark of the Ponderosa Pine. Hopefully, I will have time to felt soon. I have lots of company now and won’t be able to do much until mid August.

Here are a few photos of when we hiked on our trip to Quinn’s Hot Springs for my birthday.

Here’s one of my fellow hikers taking a rest.

And here’s one of my numerous inspirational bark photos that I took on my hike. I won’t bore you will all 30 of them. I only took 30 because the batteries died in my camera!

And last but not least, here is a sneak peak of my July page for Carmen based on castles. It’s done with machine embroidery following the methods used by Carol Shinn in her Freestyle Machine Embroidery book. I was pleased with the outcome and will be doing more machine embroidered pieces this way. But you’ll have to wait to see the whole thing once it’s received by Carmen. Hope everyone is having a good summer (or winter for anyone down under) and hopefully, I’ll be able to blog again soon.

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