Needle Felted Dolls Class

WARNING: If you think dolls are creepy and you don’t want to see any, don’t read this post.

I took a needle felted doll course from Kay Petal of Felt Alive this past weekend. Here we are all making our egg shapes. She starts the bodies of all of her dolls with “egg” shapes and you make a total of 10 (different sizes of course). Here Kay looks like she’s praying that the class will be over soon.

Here are Kathy and Natalie working hard.
Here with Natalie again, Eva, Leah and Paula. My place is next to Paula but I wasn’t sitting much due to my back. I did a lot of standing needle felting.

And here are Jan, Wendy and Diane all slaving away with Kay looking on.

After we finished all our eggs, we started working on heads and faces. I didn’t get many process shots from step to step as I was working too hard to get my face going. This is Jan with her doll’s head after she’s done part of the shading.
Here’s Wendy’s doll head.
This is Diane’s. He is going to be Count Dracula.
This is Kay’s demo doll head. She kept changing his appearance to show us how easy it was to make different facial expressions by just a small amount of needling.
This is Paula’s head. She used a different skin tone than most people.
This is Leah’s head. He became a boxer.
This is Eva’s. She is making him into a cowboy. But then she made a second head as her body was too small for this head.
This is Natalie’s. She wasn’t too happy with him at first but he really turned out well in the end.
This is Kathy’s elf head. He turned out really cool.
Then we started working on bodies. This is my doll. I originally made him to sit down. But then I made humongous feet and he wanted to start standing.
Here he is after I first got him to stand.
With his clothes and hat. He’s a jester or perhaps “Jack Out of the Box”.
Didn’t Wendy’s turn out great? He’s going to have a kilt and be a Scotsman.
Here’s the whole crew. Aren’t they hilarious. All so different and most of these people hadn’t ever needle felted before Thursday. Pretty amazing teacher Kay is!
Here’s Kathy’s elf. Love the shoes!
And here are the proud parents!!
The class was amazing and if you ever have the chance and have any inclination to learn more about needle felting a doll, you should take Kay’s class or order her DVD’s. She is a wonderful teacher, guiding you to learn the basics but encouraging you to express yourself in wool and make your own doll not copies of hers.

4 thoughts on “Needle Felted Dolls Class

  1. Those are some amazing characters! Kay should be really proud of all her students. Your jester looks so ornery. I can just see his next action being something outrageous!

  2. LOL I was going to ask who thought dolls are creepy, but after looking at the photos, I guess I can see how some might think so. They aren't creepy to me, but they are interesting.I'd love to take a class like that! I was wondering what experience would be needed, so I was glad that you mentioned some of those doll makers had no felting experience. Her DVDs are going on my wish list!

  3. Look at all those naked men on that table! Is that allowed? This looks like great fun and I wish I could have the treat of taking a clss with Kay. I am sooo jealous!Peace,Joyce

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