Sewing Again and More Daffodils

Here’s the daffodils today compared to last week when there was only a couple blooming. That’s Symphony coming down the path showing off her new hair cut that she got yesterday.

Here’s a shot showing most of the ones blooming. There are still a bunch that aren’t blooming yet. It’s a beautiful day here and it feels so spring like. It’s supposed to get colder this weekend though.

This is a felted piece that I have slowly been working on. It is based on the colors of river rocks.

Here’s a close up to show some of the hand stitching. I did sew on the machine today. I decided not to wait any longer due to my back injury.  So I did 4 sessions of sewing today that lasted between 5-10 minutes each. I just was getting so discouraged about not being able to do what I wanted to do so I decided that I would do things in small time increments and then rest in between. That is working well and I’m much happier than just not doing any. It may take a bit longer but I’ll get it done eventually. Now I just have to figure out how to felt without re-injuring my back. The problem is that I don’t have a dedicated felting space. I usually work in the kitchen and I can’t just leave a half finished project lying about. But I’ll figure out something.

The other exciting news: Kay Petal of Felt Alive is coming to Kalispell and teaching a 3 day workshop on needle felting dolls. I signed up for the class with a couple of friends. The class is in the middle of May and hopefully, my sitting tolerance will have increased a bit by then. But I’ve always needle felted at the store standing up so that won’t be a problem if I need to change positions. I’m excited to finally meet Kay. I’ve ‘known’ her online for a long time so it will be fun meeting and taking a class from her. If you’re in the area, there are still openings for the class. It’s being held at Camas Creek Yarn in Kalispell May 14-16.

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