Signs of Spring

For me it isn’t spring until the daffodils bloom. Today is the first day for blooms. They poked their green shoots up on March 6th (which was really early) but haven’t bloomed because it has been cold and snowy off and on since then.

This one is the first to be almost all the way open. But I’ve got many, many more that will be blooming soon. It’s in the 60’s here today but supposed to get cold again next week. Ahh… spring in Montana.

I can’t leave you without a little of what I’m doing in the fiber world. I still have to say that it isn’t much. My back is taking it’s time in the healing process. I did sew on the machine for about 10 minutes today but it still isn’t very comfortable. I am working on my Traveling Page for April – the theme is flowers and the photo above is a peak at what I’ve done so far. It’s all hand stitched as I can do that in little bits at a time.

5 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I have had that problem too. This morning, I cut off the heads of the daffodils that don't look like they will open. I am going to dry them out to make dye with. Enjoy your week end 🙂

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