Book Page Completed & Machine Embroidery Practice

I finished “The Goddess Within” book page for Johoanna today. That’s a small peak above. I can’t show any more until Johoanna receives the page. I was pleased with how it turned out and I hope she likes it. More photos after it wings its way to Australia.

I then practiced some machine embroidery using Ken Smith’s techniques that he explained on Workshop on the Web. This is mossing stitch with optic color mixing. I used a darker blue in the bobbin and changed the tension gradually to get more dark blue as I got closer to the center. The very inside edge is a whipped stitch in which you run the machine very fast with a low bobbin tension, high top tension and move the work very slowly. Therefore the bobbin thread completely wraps and covers up the top thread.

Here’s a close up. The colors are off because it was so dark when I took the photos. The above photo is a little closer to true color but the piece is more pink with light blue and navy blue thread.

In regards to my productivity, I’ve been quite pleased with my follow through. I have done “studio” work for 13 hours this past week and worked in my journal on design practice for 2 1/2 hours. Thanks for all your encouragement and I’ll keep plugging along and see if I can keep going for more than a week or two.

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