Petroglyphs, Anyone?

Now that Christmas is past, I can show you the last set of coasters and trivet that I made for my sister.

Her request was for petroglyphs on earth tone wool.

I liked this set and I think it meets her request.

Here’s the trivet. It’s quite big about 12″ square (in felting squareness). She wanted it large so she could set a pizza box on it.

Here are all the coasters. Can you pick out the Swedish moose? I didn’t realize they had petroglyphs in Sweden but when I was researching, I found the moose and just had to use it. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday – we went skiing with my new ski boots that I got for Christmas. And a miracle occurred! My feet didn’t hurt in my ski boots. It was wonderful as usually I have lots of pain when skiing. What a perfect gift for Christmas. Let it snow!

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