I made two hats today. We’ve got another football game to go to tomorrow and it’s going to be cold again. So even though these look like Christmas hats in red and white, they are really maroon and grey. The light today is very poor as it is cloudy and rainy. There was snow on the ground again this morning.

Here’s a close up of the griz paw. There is one stitched on all four panels of the hat.

Here’s the other hat in the opposite color scheme with the hat grey and the brim maroon.

Here’s the griz paw detail. What do you think of the head? It was an old, crummy looking wig stand of Styrofoam. I spray painted it with the spray paint that is supposed to look like rocks. It’s quite textured and came out fairly well. I made two of them for the store for hat displays but they are still at home so I used it for these photos.

If you haven’t signed up for my 200th post give away, you need to sign up now. Tomorrow is the last day. Just go to the previous post and leave me a comment. It’s great hearing from all of you and thanks, as ever, for leaving such lovely comments.

2 thoughts on “GrizWear

  1. The head looks cool. Love the griz paw motif. Reminds me of some silver jewelry Survival were selling some years ago… I love that charity. Didn't you make scarfs with this design a while ago?

  2. Great hats! You must have people at the games asking where you get your great fan gear. The heads look great. I spray painted mine black but they are to shiny. All the paint I could find for Styrofoam was shiny now I will have to hunt for your rock look paint.Ann

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